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    Cristiano Gouveia
    Cristiano Gouveia

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    Updates 11 Março 2010 Empty Updates 11 Março 2010

    Mensagem por Cristiano Gouveia em Qui Mar 11, 2010 8:33 am

    In time for tonight's test matches (the ones starting after 17.00 UTC) we wanted to implement a few tweaks and additions that we have been planning to make in our Match Engine for some time now, but other things has popped up and demanded higher priority. Today we however managed to make those tweaks and additions and here is a description of them:

    1. New Formations that makes it possible for managers to better utilize the roles of ACM, DCM and WF.
    2. Small tweak related to calculation of movement. We have decreased the maximum amount of movement a footballer can make and the difference between a slow footballer and a quick footballer has also been decreased (but only a small change).
    3. We have found that the dribbling attribute has not been as strong as it should be in the dribbling situations and have therefore rectified this somewhat.
    4. It has been way to easy to hit the target from far away when shooting. We have therefore increased the maximum faulty area (the amount that a ball can miss it's target on longer shots). This will however also mean that there is a bigger risk of shots not reaching all the way to the target when shooting from far out but we feel that also this is more realistic. We have made quite some strong changes on this but we regard today's test matches to be the test of this and appreciate any feedback we can get on this change in order to know if we should tweak this further or not.

    Please note that the tweaks on point 2 and 3 are smaller ones and that they should not have a major impact. We do this because we prefer to have a procedure where we:

    1. Perform Tweak
    2. Receive Feedback from BETA testers
    3. Perform New Tweak.

    We would have wanted to give you this information earlier but we are really working under a lot of pressure at the moment and this was the only way we could really cope with this, and the most important thing was to get these tweaks and additions done before the test matches tonight (after 17.00 UTC).

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    Mensagem por Hyouton em Qui Mar 11, 2010 9:13 am

    nice, mais tácticas.

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